3 Simple Ideas for On-the-Spot Student Recognition

August 31, 2013 Lindsey Graff

Reward programs have a long tradition in classrooms – think of gold stars and perfect attendance certificates – but they have had questionable effects on actually improving student achievement. New study on student motivation – published by the National Bureau of Economic Research – indicates that the timing of rewards is critical to resulting in a positive outcome in terms of academic progress. Immediate awards and recognition programs have a much more positive impact on student achievement. Here are 3 simple ideas on how to provide on-the-spot student recognition at your school…

 describe the image1. CUSTOM AWARD PLAQUES

Create and print custom award plaques. Students will feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when their efforts are recognized in such a formal and  personalized way. Check out this template gallery available with the VariQuest Awards Maker




star student bulletin board variquest2. BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS
Create a bulletin board display for your classroom or school hallway prominently displaying student recognition items. This idea works great for a student of the week or student of the month award! Be sure to display a photo of the student to make it more personal. Here are some bulletin board elements available with the VariQuest Cutout Maker




recognition poster variquest

Create custom posters or banners recognizing student(s) who have made progress towards an objective. Publicly acknowledging student progress and academic accomplishments is a great way to create a supportive classroom environment, reinforce positive behav
ior and inspire others to make academic improvement also. VariQuest Poster Maker offers a quick, easy and affordable way to make these recognition posters right at your school.

 Check out these sample templates  

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