4 Ways to Increase Attendance through Involvement

April 23, 2014 Margo Ensz

The end of the year brings a wide array of student-centered activities and events. From sports to recognition ceremonies, pep rallies to field trips—it can be tough for students, parents, even staff to keep them straight, let alone attend! At the secondary level where the daily parent involvement tends to be less, the need to communicate and promote key events is even more important.

Student involvement can make all the difference! Anticipation breeds excitement, excitement breeds communication, and communication breeds participation. Here are four ways to get students involved with the promotion of student-centered events:

(1) Utilize School News

In student groups, homerooms, even foundation classes that meet weekly, encourage students to understand and promote what’s “going on” that week or month. Encourage them put together a bulletin board, calendar, or newsletter and ask, what’s going on at school? What’s going on in the community? What’s going on nationwide? Letting students contribute helps to peak interest in key events, activities, and happenings.

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(2) Involve students in planning process

When students are included in the scheduling, promotion, and programming of a school event, they will want to tell other students and their parents about these important school events and activities. Engagement is contagious.

(3) Communicate & Promote Events

Communicate student-centered events for maximum participation using: 

  • PostersblogphotoNEWS resized 600
  • Banners
  • Stickers
  • Printable schedules
  • Bulletin boards
  • CALENDARS (weekly, monthly, by semester)
  • Contests & giveaways

(4) Recognize!

describe the imageReward those students and staff members who make these events happen. Awards, plaques, announcement “shout-outs,” any sort of recognition for their great work making sure events are well-attended will encourage students to continue their involvement, and perhaps inspire other students to become engaged as well. 


VariQuest Visual Learning Tools can make every step of student engagement and event promotion efficient and easy for students and staff. Print posters with the Poster Maker 3600 and Perfecta 2400, customize bulletin boards with the Cutout Maker, and create personalized awards with the Awards Maker. If you are interested in these products, simply click below to request a free sample kit!

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