Back to School: Send Home Teacher "Business Cards"

August 20, 2014 Margo Ensz

Parent-teacher communication is vital to the success of any student, and it is important to begin
those relationships early in the year. As a teacher, making yourself accessible and easy to get into contact with is a great gesture to parents. 

We love the idea of using a magnet as a business card of sorts to send home with students. Parents can of course program your information into their phones and computers, but there's something about a magnet on a fridge that has extra staying power! 

Use your Cutout Maker to quickly and easily create a personalized business card magnet to send home!

variquest cutout maker 1


1) Choose the shape you will be turning into the magnets. Consider classroom theme, subject, grade level, etc! Remember that you will be affixing a label to it, so make sure the cutout doesn't have too many holes. 



variquest cutout maker 2



2) Laminate 




variquest cutout maker 3

3) Print address labels with your info (name, school phone # and email) and attach or handwrite information onto cutout


4) Add magnet to back


5) Either have students take them home after their first day or have parents take them home during an orientation or open house. Either way, your information will be at home and (hopefully) won't get lost! 

variquest cutout maker 4We used the frog cutout template NTG007 for the sample, but a few other shapes we thought would work well are an apple (FOD111), tickets (SCG064), star (NTG014), sun (NTG015), and bookS (SIW015 or SIW014). 

This is an inexpensive and friendly gesture to parents that will open the communication channel between parents and teacher. Be sure to add only the information you want parents to have on hand. For example, if you don't want parents calling your personal cell phone, just list your school phone number. 

How do you encourage parent/teacher communication at the beginning of the year? We'd love to hear from you--let us know in the comments!

Don't have the Cutout Maker yet? Request a demo to learn more!


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Back to School: Send Home Teacher "Business Cards"
Back to School: Send Home Teacher "Business Cards"