End of Year Candy Awards for Students and Staff

April 28, 2014 Margo Ensz

Reward your star students and staff and send them home with something sweet before summer. We’ve seen this candy-themed recognition idea on teacherspayteachers.com and Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits, but you can create these delicious and personalized awards with a trip to the grocery store and your VariQuest Awards Maker on hand!

Nerds or Smarties Award: For your intelligence & hard work in the classroom

Milky Way Award: For quality work that was out of this world!

Spree Award: For always finishing work on time

Dove Award: For being the class peacemaker

Skittles Award: For always being full of colorful ideas!

M&Ms Award: For being a marvelous and magnificent student!

Snickers Award: For your sense of humor and your ability to make others laugh

Lifesavers Award: For always lending a hand to help others in class

Here is a longer list, but you can use your signature creativity as a teacher to find the perfect treat for each student! 

candy resized 600

This can work for end of the year staff awards too, with just a little tweaking. Baudville compiled a short list to get you started!

Dove Promises – Thanks for giving your “promise” to help students learn.

Star Bursts – You are a star “bursting” with enthusiasm.

Bites – You take the “bite” out of coming to work.

Red Hots – Our staff is red hot! 

Nestles Treasures – We “TREASURE” the work you do!

                              Having you on staff is a real “TREASURE.”         

100 Grand Candy – 100 Grand won’t suffice for the 100 Grand things that you do.

Gummie Bears – We are beary glad you are part of our staff!

Sweetart Candy – You are such a SWEETART! Thanks for the help!

Mint Candy – You are worth a “MINT” to us!

                     You were “MINT” be a teacher!

                    You compli"mint" our staff so well!

Pixie Stick – Your skill as a teacher really STIX out!

Payday Candy – An extra “PAYDAY” for all of your efforts!

Lifesavers Candy – Thanks for being a “LIFE SAVER.”

Candy Egg – You are an “EGGceptional” Teacher!

                   Children really get “EGGcited” when you teach.

                   You are an “EGGcellent” staff member! 

Smarties Candy – We are really SMART when we hired you!

Reisen Candy – You are one of the “REISENS” our students succeed!

Running low on supplies? Not to worry! We are running fantastic deals on our Awards Maker Recognition Kit just in time for the end of year festivities--contact your VariQuest Representative today to place your supply order and ensure timely delivery! 


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