Our Favorite Back to School Memories

September 23, 2014 Margo Ensz

The start of the new school year is a busy time for us here at Varitronics! While we work to make sure our VariQuest Visual Learning Tools are getting educators off to the start of their new year, we took a moment to reflect on our favorite memories from the first days of school. 

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Heidi, Marketing Specialist

"A favorite memory of mine when my kids were in school was when my son finished his first day of first grade, he literally ran off the bus towards me with open arms (Clifford the dog name tag pinned to his shirt) & said "I love school!" I have the best picture of him running towards me with the brightest smile!"  

Randi, Accountant

“My favorite part of starting school each year was the feeling of a fresh start with fresh supplies.  I always tried to be so careful with my notebooks so they would continue to look new, and I had dreams of perfect notes written in them.  Reality would hit somewhere in the first week and my chicken scratch would be ruining all of my plans of great organization.  I wish we had laptops and tablets in school back then so that I could have typed my notes, my dreams could have been realized!  I'd still rather type than write today, guess I never did get better at penmanship!”

Wendy, Senior Product Manager 

"I loved getting that new box of crayons - the BIG box with 64 crayons and a sharpener! Just the smell of crayons brings me back to being a kid again!"

Pete, Educational Sales Consultant

“I remember one the first day of school in 4th grade we had a tornado warning and we all had to go into the halls, sit and assume the safety position.  There was a big storm and everyone was scared..  Thankfully, nothing happened, but we got to goof off the rest of the day because we were all so stressed.”

David, President & CEO

"I had this kind of fun thing that I did with my son and daughter all of the years from K-12.  I took them to breakfast with dad before the first day of school.  We'd always get back home from our little outing in plenty of time so they could get last minute encouragement from mom and some pictures.  Then they would head up to the bus stop (or eventually hop in their car). 

Each year we would talk over breakfast about the excitement of the classes they were taking this year and what friends they hoped would be in their new classes.  It always meant I had to go to work late that day, but it was super fun and I got to see that combination of freshness of the new year ahead and the nervousness around it.  I guess I just always wanted to make sure that first day was kind of special and they knew that mom and dad were thinking about them as they started another year of growing up to be the great adults they are today."

Kristy, Senior Education Consultant

"After enjoying the long summer breaks I was always ready to back to school with my friends! Nothing is better than reconnecting with your closest friends after the summer...keep in mind this was before cell phones, texting, Facebook, email, and other forms of communication that now keep kids connected!"

Carol, Finance & Human Resource Specialist

“My favorite memories have to include back to school shopping with my dad.  He was always much more willing to buy me the the stuff I wanted than my mom... with one exception:  I always wanted the big box of Crayola crayons with the built in crayon sharpener.  But I was never allowed to get more than the 48 pack of crayons! By the way, my sister just bought me the big box of crayons with the built-in sharpener for my 50th birthday last year!”

Nancy, Education Consultant

 I loved the fresh start feeling that each new school year brought. I remember the first day of kindergarten and how excited I was to see a red hippity hop ball in the classroom.  As a kindergartner, it made for a great incentive for me to go to school!

What were your favorite back to school memories? Share with us--leave a comment!

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Our Favorite Back to School Memories
Our Favorite Back to School Memories