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August 31, 2013 Lindsey Graff

Increasing student achievement and teaching to every student’s learning style has never been more challenging or more time consuming for teachers. The construction of visual references to bridge the gap between performance levels is a lengthy process, an equal component of an educator’s job alongside lesson planning and evaluation. It is a common experience to hear of a teacher spending their weekend creating the concept maps, posters, comparison charts, and visual aids for the upcoming week’s instruction.

character chart variquest poster           analogy poster variquest


VariQuest Visual Learning Tools make that process easier and less time-consuming. VariQuest tools allow you to easily and quickly create visual aids so that you can spend more time on composing the content. The most effective classrooms use visual aids such as posters, graphic organizers, anchor charts and bulletin board displays to reinforce key concepts, differentiate instruction and include all learners. VariQuest makes visual aid creation easy and affordable!

variquest visual tools


Cutouts and word walls become much easier with VariQuest, as do quotes and poetry posts. You can fill in a pre-created map of the United States to help you through a period of American history with visual representations, or you can create manipulatives for the science and math lessons that need hands-on interaction to grasp the concepts. VariQuest software provides the templates so that you can focus on the content and the strategies that you need in order to personalize instruction for all of your students.

civil war cutout maker variquest

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